Why The Popularity Of Country Living Is On The Rise

It is evident that people from all over the world are eager to replace their home in an urban environment for a house in the countryside, and the popularity of country living is on a continuous rise for the last couple of years. Urban areas are no longer attractive, and even though they do offer a range of convenient advantages – country is the place to go.

Various reasons could stand behind the increased popularity of country lifestyle, but some of them are more pronounced than others. In essence, people can have their private reasons for contemplating the move from an urban area into a more rural surrounding, but as we already said – some of those factors are mutual and they commonly appear in surveys which have been conducted on this particular topic.

Going Green Is Trendy

Eco-friendly movements are still trending in the popular culture, and that is why homeowners are interested in leading a sustainable and self-reliant way of life. Small apartments and condos in large cities do not provide a lot of open spaces, and it can be difficult to grow your own produce, even if you apply various principles of permaculture or other similar systems. That is why houses in remote areas, which have an abundance of green areas are perfect for growing organic and non-toxic produce, predominantly fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Improved Health Aspects

Leaving in a small village means that you will not be as exposed to polluted air as you would be if you would be spending your entire day breathing in dust and carbon dioxide emitted from millions of cars. Clean and fresh air has a broad range of positive side effects, and this means that your health will improve as soon as you move to the countryside. Also, reduced stress levels will be beneficial to your overall well-being, and it is well-known that life in the country is far less stressful than the one in the city.

Access To Outdoor Activities

With the changes in people’s mindset, the access to regular physical activity is starting to play a role in the decision process when buying a new home. In other words, young couples and the so-called “millennials” are interested in practicing various activities out in the open, and that is why houses in rural areas are an ideal solution for those individuals. Hiking, cycling, mountaineering, horseback riding, or many other types of activities can be a great way to spend your free days and to have some workout at the same time.

Country Living Is Affordable

Life in a rural environment is significantly more affordable than the one in the urban surroundings, and this applies to the prices of housing as well. What this means is that you can buy a home in the country for a significantly lower amount than the one you would have to invest if you were to purchase a property in a large and crowded city.

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