Four Compelling Reasons For Moving To The Country

In case you are considering a move to the countryside, you should read as much as possible about the pros and cons of such a decision. Leaving the comforts of the urban environment can cause all sorts of emotional and psychological problems, and if you are not prepared for what awaits you – your new home will not provide you with the necessary enjoyment. Here is a list of four most compelling reasons for leaving the city life behind and embarking on an adventure in the countryside.

1. Affordable Housing

It is no secret that housing in rural areas is far less expensive than the one in the urban setting, and there are several factors at play here. But, no matter the reasons, the bottom line is that it is much easier to become a homeowner in a village than in a large city. That is why so many young families are deciding to leave apartment buildings and glass towers in search of their own little piece of land. Cheap properties can be found on the outskirts of towns, and the further you move from the downtown – the more prices will drop.

2. Lower Cost Of Life

Buying a home in the countryside can be a financially viable decision due to many factors. Aside from cheaper properties and affordable housing, rural areas usually have less expensive goods and services, in general. What this means is that lower costs of life can help you save a few bucks in the long run, and people who want to take control of their spending should definitely move into the country. Also, there are not so many available options for you to spend the money, and this could also be considered as a benefit of leading a country lifestyle.

3. No Hustle And Bustle

People who have spent their entire lifetime in a crowded city simply cannot imagine living in a place that does not have public transportation or a rush hour traffic. However, life in a village or rural environment can help you avoid the unnecessary rush, and since everything moves in slow pace – there is no need for running to work or being squashed in a train. Of course, other aspects of life are stress-free as well when you are living in the country, and this calm and serene atmosphere can have a therapeutic effect on the human psyche.

4. Low Crime Rates

Large cities can be highly dangerous, and lots of crimes are happening inside the concrete jungle. Due to the size of the population, it is easy for perpetrators to hide within the crowd, but such a thing is impossible when living in a small rural community. That is one of the primary reason for substantially lower crime rates in the villages when compared to those in giant cities. Far less rape or murder cases means that you and your family will be much safer if you decide to leave the bright lights behind and move to healthier and more natural surroundings.

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