The Essential Advantages Of Living In Rural Areas

Urban lifestyle is becoming the dominant form of living, but it seems that the charm of spending time in the country still attracts millions of people. As a matter of fact, the popularity of country living is on the rise, and millions of urban dwellers are exchanging the comforts of their apartments and condos for a piece of open land as far away from the downtown as possible. The hectic jungle of cars and glass towers is not something we all appreciate, and in case you are considering a move away from the bright city lights – here are the essential advantages of living in the countryside.

Clean Air And Healthy Foods

Air pollution is a major issue in modern cities, and it seems that things are only getting worse with each day passing. However, rural areas are still unaffected by dust and CO2 emissions, which means that you can still breath in fresh air when you go to some distant village. Clean air is highly beneficial for our health, but organic and home-grown fruits and vegetables are perhaps even more important to our overall well-being. If you are living in the country, do not miss the chance to grow your produce, and this type of food will provide you with an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Available Outdoor Activities

Even though large cities can offer more when it comes to entertainment, rural areas are perfect for spending some time out in the open air and become physically active. For instance, living in the country can provide you with instant access to lakes and rivers for swimming and fishing. The same can be said about mountains and hills, which can be used for hiking or cycling, and everything depends on your personal preferences and ideas.

The Sense Of Community

Small villages have another important advantage – tightly knit communities. In other words, people who are living in these areas are “forced” to turn to each other, i.e. to cooperate in any way possible.  They interact on the streets or in the supermarkets, exchanging gossip and local news. In general, people in the country are more friendly than the ones living in the urban setting, and this is why you will feel better spending your time in an open and welcoming environment.

Being In Touch With Nature

Over the centuries, the human race has lost its original connection with nature, and we have forgotten many skills and methods which are useful for surviving in the open. Aside from that, we became alienated and distant from the natural world, and all of these elements are having a detrimental effect on our overall health and mental state. That is why it is crucial that we get back to nature, and start using our resources in a self-sufficient and Eco-friendly way. Such a decision can not only help us as individuals, but it can also ensure the long-term survival of our species on the third rock from the Sun.

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