The bright side of country living

Modern lifestyle has imposed urban living as a desired model of living, mostly due to better job opportunities, traffic options, modern communication and other conformities of a modern life, but the fact is that more and more people are considering returning to nature and wilderness. Urban environment certainly has a lot of its benefits and luxury aspects, but living in a rural area is unfairly neglected and underestimated. There is a long list of joys and benefits of country living that beat life in the cities and urban areas and here are just some of the major ones. If you reach the point of being exhausted by urban life and the city mess, consider these aspects and take country living as a serious option for a change.

Healthier: food, air, and environment

The rural areas provide overall healthier living environment compared to urban zones. First of all, you’ll be surrounded by greenery and spend each day deeply breathing more oxygen and no city smoke. It will protect your health, prevent various respiratory or cardiovascular issues, as well as different allergies. Country living gives you the chance to breed your food or at least to buy locally bred food. Either way, you’ll depend on less on the industrial food and stay far away from fast food. Food produced in rural areas is far healthier than industrially produced nutrients. Even if it is treated with various pesticides or other protective chemicals, it is still more organic and healthier than industrial food. Also, if you possess your own suburban or rural property with a garden or field, you’ll be able to produce sufficient amounts of food for yourself and your family, which will also decrease your budget impact.

Away from stress, rush and city mess

Wide-open spaces will offer pleasant silence and peace of mind. Nature has this powerful ability to release all the stress within you, unburdening your mind and providing you with sound and regenerating sleeping. There won’t be any background noise, cars rushing around, noisy neighbors, deadlines, and traffic rushes. It will help you organize your day with a lot less stress, pressure and time limitations and all of it will have a healing effect on your mental and psychological state. If you add birds, flowers, animals, and children running over the field to the picture, country living has a true potential of an idyllic life.

Country people are closer community

Compared to the big cities with millions living there, country living will make you an integrated member of a smaller and closely connected community where everyone leans on each other. The good, practical and convenient aspect of this way of community functioning is that you can move into the rural area as a complete novice and be sure you’ll find helping hand for whatever domestic issue you face. People in rural areas tend to invest into their neighbor relations, hang around together more than busier people in urban areas and protect each other’s property since most of the community members know each other personally.

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