The bright side of country living

Modern lifestyle has imposed urban living as a desired model of living, mostly due to better job opportunities, traffic options, modern communication and other conformities of a modern life, but the fact is that more and more people are considering returning to nature and wilderness. Urban environment certainly has a lot of its benefits and luxury aspects, but living in a rural area is unfairly neglected and underestimated. There is a long list of joys and benefits of country living that beat life in the cities and urban areas and here are just some of the major ones. If you reach the point of being exhausted by urban life and the city mess, consider these aspects and take country living as a serious option for a change.

Healthier: food, air, and environment

The rural areas provide overall healthier living environment compared to urban zones. First of all, you’ll be surrounded by greenery and spend each day deeply breathing more oxygen and no city smoke. It will protect your health, prevent various respiratory or cardiovascular issues, as well as different allergies. Country living gives you the chance to breed your food or at least to buy locally bred food. Either way, you’ll depend on less on the industrial food and stay far away from fast food. Food produced in rural areas is far healthier than industrially produced nutrients. Even if it is treated with various pesticides or other protective chemicals, it is still more organic and healthier than industrial food. Also, if you possess your own suburban or rural property with a garden or field, you’ll be able to produce sufficient amounts of food for yourself and your family, which will also decrease your budget impact.

Away from stress, rush and city mess

Wide-open spaces will offer pleasant silence and peace of mind. Nature has this powerful ability to release all the stress within you, unburdening your mind and providing you with sound and regenerating sleeping. There won’t be any background noise, cars rushing around, noisy neighbors, deadlines, and traffic rushes. It will help you organize your day with a lot less stress, pressure and time limitations and all of it will have a healing effect on your mental and psychological state. If you add birds, flowers, animals, and children running over the field to the picture, country living has a true potential of an idyllic life.

Country people are closer community

Compared to the big cities with millions living there, country living will make you an integrated member of a smaller and closely connected community where everyone leans on each other. The good, practical and convenient aspect of this way of community functioning is that you can move into the rural area as a complete novice and be sure you’ll find helping hand for whatever domestic issue you face. People in rural areas tend to invest into their neighbor relations, hang around together more than busier people in urban areas and protect each other’s property since most of the community members know each other personally.

Challenges Of Country Living

Thinking about the common pictures of rural areas, you’ll always imagine wide-open spaces, a lot of greenery, freedom, fresh air, organic food, a closely connected community of neighbors, lower living costs, cozy winters next to the fire and idle summer in the fields. However, all of these aspects are true beauties you’ll find in rural areas, country living imposed its specific challenges and features you should be aware of and prepared to if you consider moving from a big city to some rural area. Considering financial aspects, purchasing a rural property is a lot easier compared to a decent living space in a city, but you have to be completely clear about what you are getting into and true with yourself if you are ready for that lifestyle. So, here’s a brief rundown of some aspect of country living you should be aware of.

Long – term financial plan

People usually gravitate towards cities and bigger towns following the money and looking for better job opportunities. Moving to rural area imposes the need to have a solid financial action plan for the future. There’s always the option of purchasing spacious rural property with fields and all the necessary machinery if you are planning to focus on agriculture and make money this way. However, if you just want to purchase a home in a countryside and keep working something other than agriculture, think of online jobs, part-time jobs from home, all the incomes you have compared to all the probable costs you’ll face. If you are planning to work from home, make sure you have enough space for office, solid internet connection and all other modern technology aspects the city provides without saying.

Commuting as a major issue

It is an issue to consider if planning country life, especially for those who tend to keep their jobs located in the City. Get a detailed info about all the options for commuting you have, the distance and the average time needed to pass it, as well as the schedules of trains, buses, ferry ride or any other form of transport there is. If this turns out to be too complicated or too expensive, consider buying a car. It’s a one-time significant investment, but it will solve all your commuting problems once you move to the country.

Water and energy supply

Depending on how far away from the nearest bigger city you’re planning to go, you’ll have to consider the two essential aspects of everyday country living. Check if your rural property has regular access to municipal water supply or you will have to install water supply on the mere property. Check for the quality of drinking water available at the property and get the information about local plumbing services. Do pretty much the same with electricity. Consider where the priority trunk is, the condition of electrical installation on your property, the frequency of outages and the alternative options you have for lighting and heating.

Are peace and silence lifestyle for you?

It might sound like a silly question at the moment when you are fed up and exhausted of city rush and noise, but in fact, it’s  a  aspect. Many people decide to move to the country simply because of the current, transitory phase and mood in their lives. However, if you are truly longing for isolation, calm and silence, if you are ready to step away from speedy life pace,

Aspect Of Country Living That Beat Life In The City

Most of will look at the charming photos of rural areas and country life with a certain longing in the eyes, but the truth is that more and more people are heading towards cities and larger communities, mostly following lucrative job opportunities. The country life stays as some romantic idea and potential plan for distant future. However, there are some brave families passionate about this lifestyle deciding to take their chances in the fresh air and open spaces, and they will certainly face several great benefits of country life. If you are considering the option of moving to the more rural area, here are just some beauties and benefits of country life you should keep in mind.

Fresh air and the power of greenery

Living in a rural area means living surrounded by wide areas of trees and plants and flowers. It is far more than just beautiful to observe. Natural green has a calming effect on our brains, helps us concentrate, focus our thoughts and remain our inner peace. Living surrounded by greenery also means living in the fresh air boosted with oxygen. Compared to crowded, smoky streets of a city, this will prevent various health issues, allergies, improve your overall immunity and prolong your life. Psychologists say that spending an hour a day wandering through natural greenery decreases levels of stress and aggression significantly.

Country living is mentally healthier

Although this area of psychology and psychiatry is still to be explored, all the proofs so far suggest that various mental issues and psychological disorders have greater chance to be triggered by messy living in a city compared to country living. Schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety show significantly lower prevalence among people living in rural areas compared to big towns and cities. Urban environmental factors tend to worsen various mental disorders or to enhance bad mood in general.

Country life costs less

It is certainly one of the crucial reasons for many people who decide to leave urban areas and move to the countryside. Compared to life in a city, people living in rural areas pay up to 10% less for everyday needs, such as all categories of food and housing costs. These costs decrease even more if you decide to design your garden and breed your food. With a well-organized transport option, your budget will flourish once you move to the rural area. Aside from everyday costs of living, you have a greater chance of buying and possessing your house and property compared to renting living space as the most common form of living in urban areas.

Lower crime rates in country zones

It might sound as irrelevant aspect at first, but once you realize how many homes are robbed in an average city, consider the rape and murder rate and all the other crime aspects, rural life comes as a safe place for living. It doesn’t mean that country life will protect you from any crime, but it is safer than in urban areas.



Discover The Benefits Of Leaving The City Life Behind

Leaving everything behind and starting your life from scratch is an intimidating thought, to say the least, but many people are excited about such an opportunity in regards to moving to a countryside and owning a home in a peaceful village. Urban environment, i.e. the life in a concrete jungle, is losing its appeal, and that is why modern generations are looking for ways to move to a country and start leading a natural and more relaxed lifestyle. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of country living, and you should learn as much as possible about the pros and cons of living in a rural area before you make the actual decision and pack your bags.

Slow Pace Of Life

If you are looking for a way to slow things down, or to reduce the pressure from work and other obligations – you would be surprised at how relaxing life in the countryside can actually be. As a matter of fact, this slow-paced and calm environment can cause boredom with some people, but if you are sick and tired of running around all day long, chasing meetings and endless tasks – country living is the perfect option for you. Not to say that you will have nothing to do in the country, on the contrary – your day will be full of activities, but most of them are not of a pressing manner and no boss will be over your head, yelling at you to speed things up.

Healthy Surroundings

Flora and fauna at the countryside are an essential reason for moving to a rural setting, and people who love plants and animals will feel right at home in the country. In other words, you will be surrounded on all sides by green fields and thick forests, and on top of that – most villages have a river or a lake in the proximity. Eco-friendly methods of growing fresh produce can have a significant effect on your well-being, and there is nothing healthier than eating fruits and vegetables produced in your backyard. Of course, access to clean water and fresh air plays a substantial role in this process as well, and all of these factors are offering a major benefit to living a life in the country.

Low Crime Rates

As we all know, life in a large city can be pretty dangerous. Criminals can hide in large crowds, and that is why police in urban areas have a hard time locating and identifying the perpetrators of different crimes. However, rural communities are tightly knit together and everyone knows each other, which makes it difficult to commit a serious crime without alerting the authorities. In general, villages and small towns have a significantly lower crime rate than any large metropolis, and this is why people leave their condos and apartment buildings in change for a more peaceful life. The safety of their family and loved ones is their top priority, and if country living can offer them improved odds of avoiding murder or rape – why not move there for good?

Why The Popularity Of Country Living Is On The Rise

It is evident that people from all over the world are eager to replace their home in an urban environment for a house in the countryside, and the popularity of country living is on a continuous rise for the last couple of years. Urban areas are no longer attractive, and even though they do offer a range of convenient advantages – country is the place to go.

Various reasons could stand behind the increased popularity of country lifestyle, but some of them are more pronounced than others. In essence, people can have their private reasons for contemplating the move from an urban area into a more rural surrounding, but as we already said – some of those factors are mutual and they commonly appear in surveys which have been conducted on this particular topic.

Going Green Is Trendy

Eco-friendly movements are still trending in the popular culture, and that is why homeowners are interested in leading a sustainable and self-reliant way of life. Small apartments and condos in large cities do not provide a lot of open spaces, and it can be difficult to grow your own produce, even if you apply various principles of permaculture or other similar systems. That is why houses in remote areas, which have an abundance of green areas are perfect for growing organic and non-toxic produce, predominantly fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Improved Health Aspects

Leaving in a small village means that you will not be as exposed to polluted air as you would be if you would be spending your entire day breathing in dust and carbon dioxide emitted from millions of cars. Clean and fresh air has a broad range of positive side effects, and this means that your health will improve as soon as you move to the countryside. Also, reduced stress levels will be beneficial to your overall well-being, and it is well-known that life in the country is far less stressful than the one in the city.

Access To Outdoor Activities

With the changes in people’s mindset, the access to regular physical activity is starting to play a role in the decision process when buying a new home. In other words, young couples and the so-called “millennials” are interested in practicing various activities out in the open, and that is why houses in rural areas are an ideal solution for those individuals. Hiking, cycling, mountaineering, horseback riding, or many other types of activities can be a great way to spend your free days and to have some workout at the same time.

Country Living Is Affordable

Life in a rural environment is significantly more affordable than the one in the urban surroundings, and this applies to the prices of housing as well. What this means is that you can buy a home in the country for a significantly lower amount than the one you would have to invest if you were to purchase a property in a large and crowded city.

Learn Why So Many People Are Moving To The Countryside

In case you are planning to make a courageous decision of moving from a city into the countryside, you should know that you are not the only one who is considering such a move. Millions of urban dwellers are sick and tired of being stuck in rush hour traffic, of being squashed by smelly people in the subway, or by simply not having access to fresh air and blue skies.  All of them are looking for ways to exchange the concrete jungle for a bit of natural forest and grassy fields. Most of them have similar reasons for giving preference to country living, and here is a comprehensive list of essential benefits of living in a rural environment.

Significantly Less Stress

Stress levels are causing all sorts of health issues, and numerous medical studies have proven the connection between illness and anxiety triggered by increased stress. To avoid this state, you should leave the bright city lights behind and move into a peaceful village far away from the constant noise of a large urban community. The lifestyle in the villages is peaceful, relaxing, full of tranquility and serenity. Of course, there are occasional ripples on the surface of the lake, but these events can prevent boredom and they serve as a useful material for morning gossip sessions.

Eco-friendly Way Of Life

In the last couple of decades, more and more people are interested in “going green,” and they are looking for ways to preserve the planet as much as possible. However, staying in an apartment building is not helpful or effective, which is why lots of people are taking a proactive role and starting to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle. In other words, they want to promote sustainable methods of using our resources, and that is why any individual who wants to lead an Eco-friendly life should consider moving out into the countryside.

Healthy Food And Water

The quality of food and water in the country is at an impressive level, in most cases, and that is why you will not feel the urge to get back to the city anytime soon once you make a move to a rural area. In other words, the water in villages does not have an artificial taste and smell, and the quality of food is something we shouldn’t even mention here. Organic fruits and vegetables, which are typically grown on your own farm are the best foods you will ever eat, and the sense of pride that you have managed to grow them will certainly add to the taste.

Affordable Housing

One of the essential reasons for moving into the countryside is because of the affordable housing which can help you become a homeowner. Having your own piece of land guarantees long-term safety and security, and cheap properties can be found on the outskirts of towns. Of course, you will be far away from the downtown, but the broad range of benefits that come with living in the country will make everything worth your while.

The Essential Advantages Of Living In Rural Areas

Urban lifestyle is becoming the dominant form of living, but it seems that the charm of spending time in the country still attracts millions of people. As a matter of fact, the popularity of country living is on the rise, and millions of urban dwellers are exchanging the comforts of their apartments and condos for a piece of open land as far away from the downtown as possible. The hectic jungle of cars and glass towers is not something we all appreciate, and in case you are considering a move away from the bright city lights – here are the essential advantages of living in the countryside.

Clean Air And Healthy Foods

Air pollution is a major issue in modern cities, and it seems that things are only getting worse with each day passing. However, rural areas are still unaffected by dust and CO2 emissions, which means that you can still breath in fresh air when you go to some distant village. Clean air is highly beneficial for our health, but organic and home-grown fruits and vegetables are perhaps even more important to our overall well-being. If you are living in the country, do not miss the chance to grow your produce, and this type of food will provide you with an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Available Outdoor Activities

Even though large cities can offer more when it comes to entertainment, rural areas are perfect for spending some time out in the open air and become physically active. For instance, living in the country can provide you with instant access to lakes and rivers for swimming and fishing. The same can be said about mountains and hills, which can be used for hiking or cycling, and everything depends on your personal preferences and ideas.

The Sense Of Community

Small villages have another important advantage – tightly knit communities. In other words, people who are living in these areas are “forced” to turn to each other, i.e. to cooperate in any way possible.  They interact on the streets or in the supermarkets, exchanging gossip and local news. In general, people in the country are more friendly than the ones living in the urban setting, and this is why you will feel better spending your time in an open and welcoming environment.

Being In Touch With Nature

Over the centuries, the human race has lost its original connection with nature, and we have forgotten many skills and methods which are useful for surviving in the open. Aside from that, we became alienated and distant from the natural world, and all of these elements are having a detrimental effect on our overall health and mental state. That is why it is crucial that we get back to nature, and start using our resources in a self-sufficient and Eco-friendly way. Such a decision can not only help us as individuals, but it can also ensure the long-term survival of our species on the third rock from the Sun.

Four Compelling Reasons For Moving To The Country

In case you are considering a move to the countryside, you should read as much as possible about the pros and cons of such a decision. Leaving the comforts of the urban environment can cause all sorts of emotional and psychological problems, and if you are not prepared for what awaits you – your new home will not provide you with the necessary enjoyment. Here is a list of four most compelling reasons for leaving the city life behind and embarking on an adventure in the countryside.

1. Affordable Housing

It is no secret that housing in rural areas is far less expensive than the one in the urban setting, and there are several factors at play here. But, no matter the reasons, the bottom line is that it is much easier to become a homeowner in a village than in a large city. That is why so many young families are deciding to leave apartment buildings and glass towers in search of their own little piece of land. Cheap properties can be found on the outskirts of towns, and the further you move from the downtown – the more prices will drop.

2. Lower Cost Of Life

Buying a home in the countryside can be a financially viable decision due to many factors. Aside from cheaper properties and affordable housing, rural areas usually have less expensive goods and services, in general. What this means is that lower costs of life can help you save a few bucks in the long run, and people who want to take control of their spending should definitely move into the country. Also, there are not so many available options for you to spend the money, and this could also be considered as a benefit of leading a country lifestyle.

3. No Hustle And Bustle

People who have spent their entire lifetime in a crowded city simply cannot imagine living in a place that does not have public transportation or a rush hour traffic. However, life in a village or rural environment can help you avoid the unnecessary rush, and since everything moves in slow pace – there is no need for running to work or being squashed in a train. Of course, other aspects of life are stress-free as well when you are living in the country, and this calm and serene atmosphere can have a therapeutic effect on the human psyche.

4. Low Crime Rates

Large cities can be highly dangerous, and lots of crimes are happening inside the concrete jungle. Due to the size of the population, it is easy for perpetrators to hide within the crowd, but such a thing is impossible when living in a small rural community. That is one of the primary reason for substantially lower crime rates in the villages when compared to those in giant cities. Far less rape or murder cases means that you and your family will be much safer if you decide to leave the bright lights behind and move to healthier and more natural surroundings.

Your Best Guide On How To Easily Move To The Country

Leaving the city lights behind and starting a new life away from the hustle and bustle of an urban environment can be an intimidating task, especially if you do not have much experience with being outdoors. However, life in the countryside offers a plethora of options, and numerous benefits of country living will make you see that large cities are not that great after all.

But, you need to be prepared for the change as much as possible, and it is imperative to reduce the emotional, psychological, and financial shock of replacing your apartment building with a house surrounded by nothing but seemingly endless fields of green grass. This in-depth guide will provide you with everything you need to know before moving out into the country, and if you follow some of these guidelines – the transition process will be as smooth as possible.

– Double Check Everything Before The Actual Trip

If you are buying a home in the “great outdoors,” you are probably satisfied with the affordability of the housing options in the rural areas. What this means is that homes in the countryside are typically much cheaper than those within the city limits, not to mention the downtown area. However, you should always check if everything about your new home is in perfect order before making the final trip to the new location. Fixing the necessary issues before bringing in furniture and having the kids in the house can be a method which saves you from a lot of headaches and frustrations in the end. Also, don’t forget to bring all the items you regard as valuable, and that is why you should also double check your packing before the actual move to the country.

– Start Making Friends Right Off The Bat

As soon as you make your first walk around the new neighborhood, you should be open and eager to engage in conversations with the locals. In other words, it won’t hurt to make a few friends here and there, and that is why the friendly approach to social activities is your best ally in the initial stages of your acclimatization process. Your neighbors can be of immense importance during moments of crisis, and they are usually the ones who will respond first and run to your aid if you ever require immediate assistance.

– Adjust To The Slow Pace Of Life

It is no secret that people in rural areas are more prone to calm and stress-free ways of doing things. What this means is that you will quickly reduce the levels of anxiety when dealing with the locals, and this means that your mental state will experience a positive impact. The serene and peaceful environment can have a therapeutic effect on your overall well-being, and your speed of life will suffer a substantial decline once you make the move from your city dwelling to a modern village house. Of course, this does not mean that you should not have fun, on the contrary, but leading a slow-paced lifestyle is all about convenience, hedonism, and self-enjoyment.

Top 4 Tips To Help You Adjust To A Life In The Country

City life certainly has its benefits, but living in the country is something millions of people are dreaming of. However, not many of them muster the courage to make the actual move and to change their surroundings, but those who do start living in the countryside quickly discover the positive effects of leaving the city behind. Urban areas are detrimental to our health and mental state, and that is just one of the reasons why living in the country is good for you.

But, the change can often lead to many stressful and frustrating moments, and that is why you need to prepare yourself when moving from the city to the countryside. In other words, there are several things you need to accept in regards to the ways of living in a small village or a rural community. The sooner you embrace those things, the better for you, and once you adjust to the life in the country other members of the community will stop thinking of you as a foreigner.

1. Fewer job opportunities

Moving into the countryside can be an ideal option for any agriculture enthusiast, but if you are not a fan of working in the fields – maybe you should double check your decision of leaving the comforts of your apartment building? In other words, villages cannot offer the same plethora of options when it comes to employment as big cities can, and that is why you will either have to start enjoying working out in the open, or you will have to set up an office in your new house and start working from home.

2. Help thy neighbor

Interdependence is a powerful aspect of living in a remote area, and people in those surroundings are simply “forced” to cooperate and help each other. What this means is that you should respond to your neighbor’s needs whenever he or she cries for help, and without a doubt – they will always be there to watch your back. The sense of community and hospitality can go a long way, and that is why social interactions in the country are of great importance.

3. Be friendly

Even though the previous tip entails some of the same philosophy, it is vital to have a friendly and relaxing attitude when interacting with other members of the community. By doing so, it will be easier for you to uplift the stigma of being “an outsider,” and people around will react respond better if you treat them with respect and enthusiasm.

4. Forget anonymity

It is easy to stay anonymous in the giant jungle of concrete buildings and glass towers, but you cannot hide in the crowd when living in a small village. That is why every visit to the supermarket will entail a social interaction, which is not something that happens in urban areas. Also, your other activities will be “monitored” as well, and if you like jogging in the early morning – expect your neighbors to greet you along the way.