Aspect Of Country Living That Beat Life In The City

Most of will look at the charming photos of rural areas and country life with a certain longing in the eyes, but the truth is that more and more people are heading towards cities and larger communities, mostly following lucrative job opportunities. The country life stays as some romantic idea and potential plan for distant future. However, there are some brave families passionate about this lifestyle deciding to take their chances in the fresh air and open spaces, and they will certainly face several great benefits of country life. If you are considering the option of moving to the more rural area, here are just some beauties and benefits of country life you should keep in mind.

Fresh air and the power of greenery

Living in a rural area means living surrounded by wide areas of trees and plants and flowers. It is far more than just beautiful to observe. Natural green has a calming effect on our brains, helps us concentrate, focus our thoughts and remain our inner peace. Living surrounded by greenery also means living in the fresh air boosted with oxygen. Compared to crowded, smoky streets of a city, this will prevent various health issues, allergies, improve your overall immunity and prolong your life. Psychologists say that spending an hour a day wandering through natural greenery decreases levels of stress and aggression significantly.

Country living is mentally healthier

Although this area of psychology and psychiatry is still to be explored, all the proofs so far suggest that various mental issues and psychological disorders have greater chance to be triggered by messy living in a city compared to country living. Schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety show significantly lower prevalence among people living in rural areas compared to big towns and cities. Urban environmental factors tend to worsen various mental disorders or to enhance bad mood in general.

Country life costs less

It is certainly one of the crucial reasons for many people who decide to leave urban areas and move to the countryside. Compared to life in a city, people living in rural areas pay up to 10% less for everyday needs, such as all categories of food and housing costs. These costs decrease even more if you decide to design your garden and breed your food. With a well-organized transport option, your budget will flourish once you move to the rural area. Aside from everyday costs of living, you have a greater chance of buying and possessing your house and property compared to renting living space as the most common form of living in urban areas.

Lower crime rates in country zones

It might sound as irrelevant aspect at first, but once you realize how many homes are robbed in an average city, consider the rape and murder rate and all the other crime aspects, rural life comes as a safe place for living. It doesn’t mean that country life will protect you from any crime, but it is safer than in urban areas.



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