The speed of modern lifestyle leaves little time for enjoyment, and we are perpetually caught in the money-making machine. In other words, all we do is work, and we have very little time at our disposal for friends, family, or our well-being. The air we breathe in is polluted, the food is more toxic than not, and that is why our time on this planet is filled out with constant struggle and not many pleasures. However, life in the countryside is slightly different than living in the urban environment, and people who spend more time outdoors are typically more energetic and fulfilled. Life in the country has a lot of benefits, and we strongly recommend that you explore all of them.

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The reasons for moving to the country can be diverse and they come in all shapes and sizes, which means that every individual has their private reasons for making such as move. However, research studies have shown that certain factors are mutual and that large groups of people have the same opinion about leaving the concrete jungle and exchanging it for a peaceful life in the countryside. For example, a lot of people are doing it because of the health reasons, i.e. they want to have unlimited access to fresh air, an abundance of greenery, and organic food.

A significant number of people are interested in the country living because of the affordable hosing while others are looking for ways to become self-sufficient and lead an Eco-friendly way of life. Of course, an abundance of recreational activities, such as hunting, hiking, or fishing can lure a man away from the crowded apartment buildings and force him or her to move out into the country.

Top five Surprising Benefits Of Country Living

Slow pace


Living in the country is not as stressful as living in a bustling urban dwelling, and that is why people who want to lead a serene and peaceful lifestyle choose to move to the countryside. The calm and relaxing atmosphere is proven to be beneficial for the human health as well, and this is also one of the essential advantages of living in the country. What this means is that slow-paced and stress-free way of living can eliminate lots of triggers for diseases and health issues, and our overall well-being can benefit from the change. That is why moving to the countryside can be the best choice you have ever made in your entire life.

Lower costs

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One of the most surprising benefits of living in the country is the actual cost of different goods and services, and this often makes urban dwellers envious and jealous. They find it hard to accept that living in the “wild” is cheaper and more affordable than life in the “center of it all,” but in most cases – living in the country offers a broad range of economic benefits. The proximity of fields and agricultural facilities lowers the cost of transportation for fruits and vegetables, and many other goods are cheaper as well. Also, affordable housing is something that attracts millions of people, and it is much easier to become a homeowner in the countryside than you could ever own a similar unit in an urban and crowded environment.

Low crime rates


Similar to the peaceful way of life, low crime rates are another surprising benefit of living in the country. Many people ignore this aspect or they get so familiar with the constant fear of crime in their urban surroundings that they never consider the benefits of leading a care-free way of life. Leaving your door unlocked or forgetting to lock your car are not something you should worry about when living in the country, and not to mention the significant difference in the number of murder, rape cases, and similar crimes. In essence, your safety will be on a much higher level when leading a life away from the concrete jungle.

Recreational activities

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One of the benefits of rural living which are often neglected and ignored is the accessibility of recreational activities. In other words, you can easily find a way to spend some quality time with friends and have some fun. Bicycle riding and jogging are beneficial for your health and physical condition, but you could also easily go fishing, hiking, or swimming in the nearest lake or a river.

Friendly people

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Life in a big city can often get lonely and depressing, and if you do not have your friends and family by your side – things can become very tough. However, life in the country is full of hospitality, and the sense of community is overpowering. What this means is that people are usually friendly to each other, and every visit to the local shop will turn into a social experience.


Making the final decision and packing your belongings to go live in the country is a brave and note-worthy action. It takes a lot of courage to leave the comforts of the urban environment, and that is why it is best to be prepared for what awaits you. In other words, you should learn as much as possible about the things you need to know before moving out to the countryside.

For example, the cultural shock of losing your anonymity can be overwhelming for some people. What this means is that you need to get used to people saying hello on the streets or asking about your day with genuine curiosity and care. Inter-dependence is also something you should accept eventually, and this means that neighbors could come by asking you for all sorts of favors, but at the same time – they will gladly help whenever you need any kind of assistance. Of course, the “outsider syndrome” will follow you around for a while, and this initial skepticism is an ordinary side-effect of putting a “foreign” object into a tight-knit community.


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